How to draw a realistic Frog

Let`s learn how to draw a Frog.

Can you imagine the appearance of a frog? Offhand most of us will say: the frog is green and roundeye. And start to remember the frogs from cartoons. But honestly, it is better to remember, the way these frogs appear in the swamp.

Yes, pop-eyed, but not very green. And besides, the body of the frog is very original – fantasy can’t handle.

I hope I`ve agitated well and you already can’t wait to learn how to draw a realistic frog.


Frog drawing tutorial 1

I don’t have the swamp with the frogs, so I draw from photos from the Internet. At first nothing on my own not making this up,I simply copy the samples.

How to learn to draw a frog

That’s the way to draw 20-30 pieces and I definitely will learn how to draw frogs. And then in memory and imagination I can come up with. And while I’m starting to draw a diagram and sketch. Now turn to drawing. Begin with torso. Frogs have no obvious neck and so that we draw the head at once. Frog drawing lesson

Frogs have jumping hind legs. You will notice that rabbits and kangaroo hind legs is also jumping.

But frog’s legs remind rather the legs of a grasshopper. Now the frog is sitting on its hind legs and knees strongly dissolved in the parties. Look how long are the feet and fingers!
Frog hind legs drawing

Front paws like hands. But the palms are turned inwards:

Frog legs drawing

On the head draw the large bulging eyes, nostrils and wide mouth. Frogs have no external ears no, but near the eyewe see the round the auditory membrane . Frog drawing

On the photo this frog is brown, but I will add a little green.

Frog drawing for kids

The second step-by-step lesson how to draw a frog will be in the form of a gallery of successive pictures.

Frog drawing tutorial 2

Сlick images to enlarge. Frog outline How-to-draw-a-frog-003111
How to draw frog legs Frog step by step
Draw facial features and get this frog: Frog drawing

Paint the frog and draw a little shadow:

Frog drawing

How to draw a frog’s head and muzzle

Let’s learn how to draw a frog face in profile.

How to draw a frog's head and muzzle

Kind of like the head of a newt or salamander. It’s clear, they’re relatives – amphibians.

How to draw a frog face

Muzzle is acuminate. Mouth is very large:

How to draw frog muzzle

Eyes on the sides of the head almost on the forehead:

 Frog face drawing

We drew the frog’s head, now we need to color it:

Frog head colored drawing

If you want to learn how to draw a frog’s full-face head, then here is another step-by-step lesson:

Frog head drawing

Whew! Three frogs we drew. Now even twenty pictures more and certainly we will learn how to draw a frog.

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