How to draw a Lynx step by step

Let`s learn How to draw a Lynx. There is another very similar animal-Bobcat, but we will talk about it another time.

Lynx is the most northern spotted cat. While in appearance the lynx has a lot from dogs.It lives in forests and is able to climb trees. This animal, according to Wikipedia, can reach 30 kg and 70 cm at the withers, you will agree – a large animal! However, we will not be measured, but to draw and so move on to the lesson How to draw a lynx.

Lynx drawing tutorial -1

A pencil sketch will give us the opportunity to imagine the future picture:

Lynx drawing 13

Now refine the shape of the body – it is very lean:

Lynx drawing step by step

Remember any representative of the catnone of them, except, perhaps, the Cheetah does not have such long legs combined with a relatively short torso. That’s why I said about the similarity with a dog!

Lynx step by step

The legs are not only long, but also very powerful, widespread not only at base but throughout their length. Legs are very large, so as not to fall in the snow in the winter. Tail is short and lopped off more like dog`s. Hind legs are much longer than the front ones:
Lynx drawing for kids

But rounded the head and neck like a cat.

Lynx muzzle Lynx head drawing

Of course, big ears with a distinctive brushes are the main characteristics of the muzzle of the lynx as well as sideburns. The expression of the face, speaking in human language, rather cunning and crafty than cruel. As for the coloring, red or grey animal fur is covered with dark spots, some individuals all over the body, some for example have only spotted limbs. Lynx drawing 17

Well, we learned how to draw the prowling lynx. And the second lesson is – how to draw a lynx standing quietly.

Lynx drawing for kids

And here is the gallery -click images to enlarge:

Lynx sketch Lynx body drawing
Lynx hind legs drawing Lynx phased drawing
Here is a picture of the lynx we got:

Lynx drawing 49

So we learned how to draw a lynx.

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