How to draw a Rat tutorial

Let`s learn how to draw a rat.

There are many dozens of species of rats in the world. In our first lesson we will learn how to draw a common house rat. Rats are relatives of mice and there is a great similarity between them. With a cursory examination, you can say – the main difference is in size.

Drawing the rat begins with a mandatory pencil sketch.

I saw a real live rat only a few times. They either squatted or bustled about. But in any case, the back was strongly bent. The body has the shape of a semicircle, and the famous rat tail is dragged behind it, it is long and covered not with hair, but with scales!

 Rat drawing tutorial

The legs of the rat are short and small, and they are always half-bent and difficult to see.

 Rat drawing lesson

But the conical head is boshaya – with sensitive ears, large, sharp eyes and a long mustache.

Rat line drawing

Rat wool has a gray slightly brownish color.

Colored rat drawing

So, you learned how to draw a realistic rat – side view.

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