How to draw Brachiosaurus

Let`s learn how to draw Brachiosaurus.

In fact, no one has ever seen Brachiosaurus, even the most advanced scientists, even the most ancient people! So we ask you: don’t take these (and indeed any) such reconstructions too seriously.

Brachiosaurus drawing – side view

Of course, when Brachiosaurus nibbled the leaves from the tops of the trees, his neck was raised up. But on the move he is likely to bend the neck forward and looked like this:

Brachiosaurus pencil sketch

When I look at such a long animal and going to picture it, I want to split into three frames: neck – body – tail. But nothing can be done, we have to draw the entire dinosaur entirely. Let’s start with a diagram of the internal structure.

Brachiosaurus design

Draw long and somewhat similar parts – the neck and tail. The head is proportionally so small that we will not be able to draw it in detail.

Brachiosaurus step by step

Now draw powerful front legs:

Brachiosaurus step by step drawing

The hind legs also look as bent columns:

Brachiosaurus line picture

Some artists draw reconstructions of Brachiosaurus with spikes and a crest along the spine, but nobody knows whether he actually had these decorations.

Draw the shade and enough of him.

Brachiosaurus picture 13


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