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How to draw a Triceratops dinosaur

Learn how to draw a Triceratops dinosaur. Like Tyrannosaurus, triceratops was one of the last which survived till the great disaster and perished in it, if our scientists are not mistaken. In contrast with Tyrannosaurus it was apparently herbivorous, but, maybe, even more dangerous and aggressive. Triceratops, judging by remainders, and incomplete skeletons, had very

How to draw a pterodactyl tutorial

Let`s learn how to draw a pterodactyl. But, what is this beast? Let us not dig deeper into the systematics of pterosaurs, because pterodactyls combine many different types of flying dinosaurs. Some were large with a monstrous wingspan, others were as small as our birds. For a start we shalldraw two types of pterodactyls. Contents

How to draw Brachiosaurus

Let`s learn how to draw Brachiosaurus. In fact, no one has ever seen Brachiosaurus, even the most advanced scientists, even the most ancient people! So we ask you: don’t take these (and indeed any) such reconstructions too seriously. Brachiosaurus drawing – side view Of course, when Brachiosaurus nibbled the leaves from the tops of the