How to draw a pterodactyl tutorial

Let`s learn how to draw a pterodactyl. But, what is this beast?

Let us not dig deeper into the systematics of pterosaurs, because pterodactyls combine many different types of flying dinosaurs. Some were large with a monstrous wingspan, others were as small as our birds.

For a start we shalldraw two types of pterodactyls.


How to draw a Rhamphorhynchus

As for me, I do not believe in the existence of dinosaurs. I think they are mythical characters such as dragons. And especially it strengthens me in this belief when I find pictures on request – photos of pterodactyls. Yes! Not drawings, but right photo! We will draw a ramphorinchus from Internet picture.

Their bodies were scrawny and lean:

Pterodactyl drawing step by step

The hind legs were short. An interesting feature of the ramphorinchus was a long tail with rhombic end. The neck was long and very agile. The head was long, with a toothy beak. However, on top of their head they had no appendages or decorations.


Ramphorinchus drawing

Front feet had four toes, one of which was very lengthened and served to tension the flying membrane on it.

Pterodactyl (ramphorinchus) picture

Don’t know what color were these flying lizards, so we just denote the shadows:

Pterodactul drawing-13

Rhamphorhynchus drawing – lesson 2

How to draw a Rhamphorhynchus

In short:

Pencil Scheme

Ramphorinch figure

Draw a line of the spine extending with a long tail:

Pteranodon figure 3

Clearly draw bent limbs:

Pteranodon drawing step by step -3

Draw a head with a toothy maw and leather membrane wings:

Pteranodon coloring page

The next pterodactyl will be bigger – it’s a Pteranodon!

Pteranodon drawing step by step

In addition to the large size Pteranodon is famous for a short tail and a long outgrowth on the head.

Pterodactyl drawing step by step

Draw a plump body with a short curved hind legs and the front arms spread wide

Pteranodon drawing step by-step

A long beak with a pouch underneath it similar to the Pelican. Triangular outgrowth on the head of this pterodactyl gives it a very classy look:

Pteranodon drawing for kids

Draw flying membranes, stretched between the front and hind legs:

Pteranodon line drawing

Let`s give some colours to our pteranodon line drawing:

Pterodactyl- ptranodon drawing

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