How to draw a tapir tutorial

Let`s learn how to draw a tapir.

Tapir is a very original animal, it resembles both a pig and an elephant and even a hippopotamus, but in fact he is a distant relative of a rhino and a horse.

How to draw a Tapir – lesson 1

We find a beautiful photo of the tapir and first of all draw not a sketch, but simply the most general outline of the structure of the animal.

I draw looking at the computer screen. In order to make sure that the picture looks similar, I periodically apply it to the screen next to the photo and compare them.

Tapir pencil outline

We will draw a tapir in accordance with the most classical sequence. First, we will depict the body, it is oval. The withers and croup protrude slightly and the back is slightly concave between them.

Tapir body drawing

Tapirs are perissodactyls and they have four toes with hoofs on the front legs, and three on the hind.

Tapir step by step drawing

The head is large. The nose along with the upper lip are extended forward and form a movable proboscis. Eyes are large, ears are small.

Tapir line drawing

Let`s color our tapir drawing:

Tapir colored drawing

Tapir step by step drawing lesson 2

How to draw a Tapir

This black and white as the panda is the Malayan Tapir. But the shape of the body of this tapir is exactly the same.

Tapir pencil sketch

Draw an oval body:

Tapir drawing tutorial

Legs in general resemble limbs of brontosaurus:

Tapir step-by-step drawing

And the muzzle except the elephant and the hog also suggests the anteaters and saigas:

Tapir line drawing

Coloring is bright – the black animal is decorated with a big white saddlecloth.

Tapir colored drawing

I hope you have benefited these our lessons how to draw a tapir.

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