Bear drawing lessons

e have already learned how to draw such popular representatives of bears as brown and polar. But in nature there are still many other interesting species of bears. Let’s start with the lesson of drawing the Himalayan bear.

How to draw the Himalayan bear step by step

The Himalayan bear is almost twice as small as the brown one and differs from it in a more slender physique, thin pointed-nosed muzzle, and large rounded ears.About the features of his appearance, we’ll talk later, but for now just make a preliminary sketch in pencil.

How todraw a Himalayan bear

Now let’s do the drawing.

Step 1. Draw the body. Although Wikipedia claims that the Himalayan bears are relatively slender, this particular bear is very fat-bellied and we will compare it not even with an oval, but with a ball.


Step 2. Draw the hind legs.Try to convey pronounced clubfoot.

Himalayan bear clubfoot hind legs

Step 3. Front legs drawing. I would not say that his front legs are very long. But the clubfoot is also very noticeable.

Himalayan bear legs drawing/

Step 4. Head drawing. The muzzle is thin and pointed, the ears are large and round.

Himalayan bear line drawing

Step 5. Now we need to color our outline drawing. The fur of the Himalayan bears is short, shiny, silky; usually black. There is always a white V-shaped spot on the chest.

 Himalayan bear colored drawing

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