How to draw an Octopus step by step

Let`s learn how to draw an Octopus.

Octopus is a mollusk, related to snails and slug but it is a sea animal. If I may say so, the octopus is a very intelligent creature, at least, the brain of an octopus is much stronger than the brain of any mollusk. Octopus has no internal or exoskeleton, not even a shell. Lacking any skeleton, it is almost shapeless, but of course not like a portion of oil or water, which are lifeless and move forced by gravity. And octopus is alive and uses its advantage – it is able to take almost any shape it like. It can flatten itself on a plate surface, it can cover itself with a growths which resemble stones or seaweeds, it can squeeze itself in a tiny hole, if need. Moreover, an octopus is able to change its color according to a color of environment. But octopus`s color also depends on its current mood, creature becomes red when angry and pale when afraid. There are a lot of interesting facts about octopus, but now our task is to learn how to draw it , so let`s describe its image and draw step by step.

Octopus drawing – lesson 1

I advise you to start drawing any picture with a pencil sketch.

Octopus pencil outline

Octopus looks like a soft, wrinkled sack with protuberant eyes on it.

Devilfish drawing 13There are eight worm-like tentacles around its so say mouth. From the base to almost half of the length, arms are connected with each other with a thin membrane, making together something resembling umbrella, and visually arms seem to be attached to its edge. Arms are long and strong, simple structured and able to turn in every direction, to wrap and to knot. At the base they are wide, narrowing to the ends.

Octopus drawing step by step 13

Under-side of each tentacle is covered with protruding round-shaped suction cups, so from the side inner edge look lumpy. It depends of the angle of your view how many tentacles you can see (I mean their visible lack on our picture).

Octopus drawingOctopus got a bone beak, but in our picture it is not visible. Its mouth is placed between its tentacles. As usual, its body is not very big if to compare with its tentacles. Octopus is a predator, but if you do not disturb it, never do you harm.

So, do you think that have already learned how to draw an octopus? I’m not sure, and I drew another tutorial.

Octopus drawing – lesson 2

Click the pictires to enlarge. Octiopus drawing - beginning Octopus drawing 2

And so here is our picture – octopus:

Octopus picture 49

Well, I did my best to teach you how to draw an octopus.

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