How to make a beautiful vase out of plaster

 How to make a beautiful vase out of plaster
Flowers in the house – it’s always beautiful, and especially if they decorate the room on the occasion, and even in unusual vases. Today I will show and tell you how to make a beautiful, original vase with your own hands.
– plaster
– mould (round cardboard box)
– glass bottle
– painter’s tape
– egg trays
– PVA glue
– putty
– acrylic paints (black, bronze)
– varnish
– paint brushes
– blender

Step 1
Take a round cardboard box, cut a hole in it with the diameter of the bottle neck. Insert the bottle neck into the hole. Tape the joints with painter’s tape. (see photo)

Step 2
Mix the mortar (gypsum+water), not rare. Pour the mortar into the mould with the bottle. The bottle should be completely filled with the mortar. Leave it to harden for 2 hours.

Step 3
Remove the product from the mould. Wash off any paper residue from the mould with water. Leave to dry.
Step 4
Prepare a mixture of egg trays, PVA glue and putty. Tear the trays into small pieces and pour warm water over them. Leave it for 24 hours. Blend the mixture with a blender. Squeeze out the water. Add PVA glue and putty. Stir.

Step 5
From the resulting mass mould the petals. From the petals make a rose on the vase. Cover the neck of the bottle with the same mixture. Leave to dry for 72 hours.

Step 6
After the flower has dried, paint the vase with black acrylic paint. Use a thin brush to paint inaccessible places. After covering the edges of the vase and the edges of the flower with bronze paint, making a bronze effect. Leave to dry. The final step is to cover the vase with varnish.

The vase is ready.

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