How to make a decorative nautical-themed candlestick

For the job we will need:
Round glass vase, sea sand, seashells, sea pebbles, Styrofoam, wooden sticks, dried grass, twine, acrylic paint (in any colour), candle tablet, glue gun.

Cut the wooden sticks to the size of the chair. Glue them together one by one. Make backrest, seat, legs and armrests.

Paint the chair. Make a fence out of wooden sticks and paint it. Twist a ring out of twine, glue the edges together, draw white stripes on it and attach it to the fence.

Pour the sea sand into a vase and place all our details inside: a chair, a fence, stones, seashells, dried grass and a candle.

Now make the stand.
Cut out a circle from the Styrofoam, slightly larger in diameter than the vase.
Use a glue gun to glue seashells onto the sides of the circle.

Place the vase with the decoration on the stand. The decorative candle holder is ready.

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