How to make an original candle holder out of cement

       How to make an original candle holder out of cement

– plastic packaging (round shape)
– plastic lid
– cement
– sand
– twig cuttings
– acrylic paints
– glue gun

– emery paper
– candle
– universal varnish

To decorate our candle holder I took sea pebbles (pebbles), dry moss and granulate


Step 1
Draw funny faces on the pebbles with acrylic paints.
Using a glue gun, glue them onto the wooden round.

Step 2
Let’s make the mortar. Mix cement and sand, (1 part of cement and 4 parts of sand). Add water and mix well.

Step 3
Pour the mortar into the mold. Slightly trusim and knock the mold to remove air bubbles.
While the solution has not hardened, we immerse the plastic cap and pebbles in it
Now we wait until it hardens.

Step 4
After the mortar has hardened, remove the product from the mold and clean the irregularities with sandpaper.
Coat our candle holder with universal varnish.

Step 5
Glue moss and granulate (see photo).
Insert the candle.

A cheerful and original candle holder is ready.

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