How to make a candle holder out of cement

                                                          How to make a candle holder out of cement

– mold for the base (corton box)
– cement
– glass beaker
– sandpaper
– juice tube
– twine
– universal varnish
– candle

Step 1
Lubricate the mold with a little oil.
Glue the juice tubes to the top of the mold, these will be the holes.
Mix the mortar (cement and water).
Fill the form with cement mortar and put the glass in it. (See picture).

Leave to dry for 24 hours

After drying, take the product out of the mold.
Remove the tubes. Sand the uneven edges with sandpaper.
Coat the product with a universal varnish.
Make a loop of twine.
Put a candle inside the glass.
The candlestick is ready

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