How to make a cooler out of cardboard

                                                             How to make a cooler out of cardboard

– cardboard
– stationery knife
– 0.3 ml plastic bottle
– plastic cocktail straw
– glue gun
– paper cup
– paints
– scissors
– ruler

We cut out cardboard in these sizes:
24*11 cm – 3 pcs.
12*11 cm – 1 pc
11*11 cm – 1 pc
11*10,5 cm – 2 pcs.
We take three parts in size 24 * 11 cm and glue, as shown in the photo.
Glue the parts 11*10,5 cm
In the detail 12*11 we make a hole in the center of the bottle diameter and glue it

Make a hole in the plastic bottle.
Insert a plastic tube into this hole. Glue the hole with a glue gun. This should be done carefully, because the tube can melt.
In the detail make a hole for the tube, glue as shown in the photo.

Paint the resulting part. You can glue pictures or draw pictures. Pour juice or water into the bottle.
When you open the lid, liquid begins to flow from the bottle.
The mini cooler is ready.


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