How to make a clay candle holder

How to make a clay candle holder

What do you need:

Step 1

One tip, not shown in the picture, rolling your clay out on plastic wrap or parchment paper is very helpful to keep it from sticking to your surface. Start by rolling your clay out.


Step 2

Then cut out your desired shape. You can use a plate for example.

Step 3

Next pull out those play doh snake making skills and roll out a piece to create the rim on the match holder portion.

Step 4

Use water to help bring the clay together and smooth it out.

Step 5

Next roller and cut a long rectangular piece, and form it around something small and cylindrical to create the matchstick holder.

Step 6

Use water to attach it to the base and smooth out the seams. Then use a sharp knife to trim the top to a flat level edge, short enough for the matches to stick out the top.

Step 7

That’s is , the holder is ready!


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