How to make a Christmas tree out of twigs and cardboard

Take heavy cardboard (preferably from boxes), tree branches, dried moss, wine stoppers, stars, snowflakes and a glue gun

Cut out two triangles and a circle from cardboard

Cut branches to the size of the triangle and use a glue gun to glue them onto the workpieces on one side.
Fill the gaps between the branches with dried moss.

Glue the two halves together. Glue the moss around the perimeter of the workpiece

Cut the wine stoppers into circles. Glue some of them onto the cardboard circle and leave the rest for decoration.
Fill the empty spaces around the edge with moss. In the centre of the circle fix the wine cork (this will be the trunk of the Christmas tree).
Now fix the triangle to the base. Fill the empty spaces on the base with moss.
Attach a star to the top of the tree, and decorate the tree with snowflakes and circles of wine corks

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