How to make an Easter composition

How to make an Easter composition

Decorate your home for Easter with a composition that is made in the same style. It is very beautiful.
The composition consists of a wreath and garland on the mantel.
The wreath for Easter

– The base of the wreath is made of hay (straw)
– tree branches
– Artificial flowers (tulbpans, apple trees, gypsophila), greenery, willow sprigs
– dried moss
– floral wire

– heavy cardboard
– Plastic or Styrofoam eggs. You can take the whole shells of eggs, pre-colored with acrylic paint
– glue gun

Making a wreath.
Step 1
We fix the branches on the base of the wreath with florist wire.
In the center of the wreath (inside), glue dry moss all around the diameter

Step 2
Fix the flowers, eggs and the bunny figurine with wire and a glue gun.

Making garland
We cut a strip of cardboard 150*600mm. and using a glue gun attach floral sponge on it. On the sides and on the top glue the branches, in the ends of sponges we stick the branches. We need to get a bunch of branches.
If there are gaps between the branches, fill them with dry moss.

Step 2
In the center fix the figure of a rabbit and eggs. Now attach the flowers and greenery. When attaching also use wire and glue gun.


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