How to make a flower basket with colored paper

How to make a flower basket with colored paper

What do you need:

  • Colored craft papers
  • Craft glue
  • Pencil
  • Scissors

Step 1

Cut out a rectangle paper from dark brown craft paper, this will be the base for the basket. Cut out strips from light brown colored craft paper, we’ll use these strips to weave the basket

Step 2

Attach the light brown strips along the top side and either left or right side of the rectangle base cutout. The strips should be attached outwards

Step 3

Fold in the side strips neatly and align them with the rectangle base. Grab the side strip from the top ones and weave it over and under the side strips

Step 4

Now grab the next strip from the top and fold it inside the base, and then weave it over and under the side strips but keep the weaving criss-crossed with the previous strip

Do it to the end of the basket

Step 5

When you’re done weaving, fold the extra parts of the woven strips to the backside of the basket and glue them to the backside to secure the weaving

Step 6

Select colored craft papers for the flower and leaf, then cut out them using this templates


Step 7

Glued the flower pattern cutouts to complete the flower craft

Step 8

Cut out a same sized rectangle paper and glue it on the backside of the woven rectangle piece but keep the top end intact so we can insert the flowers through the top

Step 9

Insert the bottom side of the stem through the top open end of the paper basket. Craft more flowers and add them to the paper basket


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