How to make jewelry out of old jeans

How to make jewelry out of old jeans

Don’t be in a hurry to throw away your old jeans. From them you can make very original jewelry.
To make this jewelry I needed these materials:
– denim
– beads 8 pcs
– chain 1 pc
-clasp 1 piece
– connecting rings 3 pcs
– bead cap for beads 3 pcs
– cord end cap 2 pcs
– round-nose pliers
– scissors
– glue gun
– pencil

Step 1
Cut strips of denim
– 20cm*2cm – 2 pcs
– 15cm*2cm – 4 pcs
For the base 20cm*10cm – 2 piece
Step 2
Fold all the strips in half and fold the fold well.


Step 3
Twist all the strips as shown in the photo.


Step 4
Place all the obtained parts on the base and glue them (see photo).
Step 5
Glue beads and caps for beads.
Step 6
Cut along the contour. Leave the ends for attaching the chain. Glue the resulting piece onto the second base piece and cut it out again along the contour.


Step 7
Attach the cord plugs with a glue gun. Attach the chain and clasp using the connecting rings.


Denim jewelry for the lovely Mia is ready.





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