How to make a bee out of colored paper.

                                                              How to make a bee out of colored paper.

– colored paper
– corrugated cardboard
– glue
– scissors
– plastic eyes
– acrylic paints
– juice straw
– pencil
– black marker




Cut out the parts:
– Yellow paper circles – 3 pcs
– Black paper circles – 2 pcs
– circles made of white paper – 2 pcs.
– clouds of white paper – 2 pcs
– grass made of green paper – 1 pc
– honey drips (yellow paper)
– corrugated cardboard bucket

Glue the bee. See photo

Putting together a picture.
Glue the bee, clouds, grass on the blue sheet.
Black marker draws the feet and the handle of the pail.
Glue the pail. The tip of the juice tube is cut into small strips. Dip it in paint and imprint it on the sheet


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