How to make jewelry out of denim

                                                             How to make jewelry out of denim

Tell me, why throw away old jeans when you can make a beautiful tie for your pet. And not only that. From denim you can make jewelry, sew a bag, backpack, make a rug and many, many other beautiful things.
– denim
– velcro
– sticker
– scissors
– sewing thread
– needle
– glue gun

Step 1
Cut two triangular shaped pieces from denim.
Step 2
Fold them face to face and sew them together. Do not sew all the way through, leave an opening to turn the product to the front side

Step 3
Turn the product to the front side and sew up the hole.

Sew Velcro to the ends of the piece.
Шаг 5
По центру галстука наклеиваем наклейку.

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