How to make a concrete decorative candle

                                              How to make a concrete decorative candle
The originality of such candles is that the candle consists of wax and concrete at the same time. Such transitions attract attention and serve as an excellent decor for rooms in Scandinavian, loft style.
Materials for candle making:
– wax
– plastic cups 2 pcs
– cement
– sand
– wooden candle wick 2 pcs
– wax pencils (blue, blue)
– paint brush
– varnish

Mix the mortar cement + sand (1*2). The mortar should be thick. Put the mortar into cups (see photo).
Put a wooden wick in the centre and leave it to harden for 24 hours.

   Step 2
Melt wax on a water bath. We divide it into four parts. They should differ in colour, from dark blue to white. After pouring each layer, give time for the paraffin to harden.

 Step 3
Cut the plastic cup and take out the candle. The concrete part is covered with varnish.
The candles are ready.



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