How to make a Boxy Boo soft toy out of felt

How to make a Boxy Boo soft toy out of felt

We will need:
– felt (different colors)
– stuffing (sintepon)
– A small cylinder of cardboard (to connect the
head and torso)
– Eyes for the toys (you can make them out of felt)
– glue gun
– scissors

Step 1

Making patterns
Body:    17*17 cm – 2 pcs.
10*17 cm – 4 pcs.
Head:    15*15 cm – 2 units
10*15 cm – 4 pieces
Legs:     10*8 cm – 4 pcs.
4*10 cm – 4 pcs
4*8 cm – 4 pcs
30*6 cm – 6 pcs
Arms:   30*6 cm- 6 pieces
Palms:  4 pcs (on photo)
Teeth and mouth: 1pc (on photo)
Star 1pc (pictured)

Step 2

Cut out all the details from the felt

Step 3

Using a glue gun glue parts, leaving a hole for filling them with synthetic material. (Parts can be sewn)
(Fill only the head, torso, feet and palms with synthetic fibers).

Glue the cardboard cylinder with felt.


Step 4

We do arms and legs.
Parts of the size of 30 * 6 cm fold in half and glue.
For one arm and one leg need three of these parts. Therefore, glue them together.
Next, the resulting parts are divided in half and fold them as shown in the photo.
Now glue the palms and feet.


The final step

Using a glue gun glue everything we did. glue the eyes, mouth, and star.
That’s how cute Boxy Boo we got.

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