How to make a candle holder out of cement

            How to make a candle holder out of cement

Cement is a great material for decorating.
It can be used to make various decorations. For example, a candle holder, which will decorate your home and create a romantic mood.

– cement
– mold for pouring (cardboard cylinder, cardboard)

– universal varnish (aerosol)

– box cutter
– glass candlestick

– sandpaper
  To decorate the candle holder
– lace
– twine
– heart figurine (bark, wood, plaster)
– candle
– decorative white marble pebbles

– glue gun

Step 1
Prepare the mold for pouring.
Cut out the bottom from cardboard and glue it on the cylinder.
Mix the mortar (cement and water 3*2)
Pour into the mold.
Oil a glass beaker and insert it into the center. Leave it to dry for two days.

Step 2

After drying, remove the product from the foma. To do this, cut the mold with a stationery knife

All irregularities are cleaned with sandpaper. Coat the product with varnish.

Step 3
Decorate the candle holder.
Glue the lace. Tie the twine around it. In the center attach the heart figure.
In the glass candle holder put marble stones and a candle.
Insert it into the cement candle stand.





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