How to make an Easter candle

                                                            How to make an Easter candle
A decorative candle with the image of the Easter Bunny will not only create a festive decoration, but also decorate the festive table.
Easter candles are one of the main symbols of this day. A candle that burns in the house is a part of the Holy Fire. Easter candles bring beauty, a sense of peace and warmth into the house. Such a gift will surely bring joy to your friends and relatives.
To make an Easter candle we will need:
– cement
– sand
– mould for pouring (cardboard boxes – 2 pcs) I have them in different sizes.
– soya wax
– candle wick 2 pcs
– varnish
– paint brush
– napkins with rabbit pattern. I didn’t have any. You can print out the picture on a printer and glue the white napkin on an A-4 sheet of paper with scotch tape.
– teaspoon candle.

Mix a 2*3 mortar of cement and sand. The mortar should be thick.

Fill the moulds halfway with the mortar. Fix wicks in the mortar in the centre. Leave it to harden for 24 hours.

Melt soya wax on a water bath and pour it into the mould up to half. Let it harden. After the wax has hardened, pour the second half of the wax into the mould and leave to harden again.

Remove the candles from the moulds. If there are any irregularities on the concrete part of the candle, sand it with sandpaper.
We varnish the concrete part of the candle.

Cut out rabbits. Put them on the candle and glue it with a hot spoon. Warm the spoon over the candle with the concave part. Glue the rabbit with the convex part so as not to smear the drawing with soot from the candle.
Cut off the excess wick.




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