How to Draw A Fox

How to Draw A Fox

Step 1

To start with, we will draw in the ear that’s bigger in the picture. You can draw this with a curved line that is pointy at the middle of it.

Then, you can draw in the face of the fox. Starting from the ear, use a curved line for the forehead and then use sharper lines for the snout.

Finish it off with some sharper lines for the fur behind its head, and then you can draw in the other ear as it appears in the image.

Step 2

Now that we have the face of your fox drawing drawn, we can add in its back. Drawing back from the head, we will be using a curved line to form the back of your fox.

Step 3

To draw in the tail, we will be using a very curvy line going out from the line that we used for the back that loops back towards the body.

Now that you have the tail drawn in, you can add another slightly curved line under the head to make the chest of the fox.

Step 4

For this next step, we will be adding in the four legs of your fox.

I would recommend drawing in the front legs first, drawing them down from where the chest ends, and then drawing in a stomach going backward.

Once you have the front legs in, you can draw in the thicker back legs. For this step, I also think that using a pencil first would be very helpful to get the look right.

Once all of the legs and stomach are drawn, you can use a small line for the nose of your fox.

Step 5

First of all, you can draw in some eyes by drawing in a small circle inside of another one.

This is one way you could draw in the eyes, but you could also use another design like a solid circle if you like that look better.

Then, you can draw in a mouth for your fox. This one has a cute smiley face, but you could also use a different line to give the fox different facial expressions!

Once the face is done, you can add in various lines to give some fury details to your fox drawing.

Step 6

Now that the final details of your fox drawing are drawn in, it’s time for one more fun step, and that’s coloring in your amazing fox drawing!

And now your fox is ready!!!

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