How to draw a moose

Let`s draw a realistic picture basing on photos.

It is a kind of a big deer. But don`t think that it is calm and kind: meeting a hunter or any human moose does not hurry to escape, and even can attack . It is not hard to imagine: bigger, especially taller than horse, with enormous large horns and long strong legs supplied with heavy hooves – moose is a constant menace of the forest, even though it is totally herbivorous. Take a look at the moose.

Moose drawing – lesson 1

At the first glance you can see something strange in the appearance of the animal. Probably it is because of very long legs which look somewhat thin, and comparably short body and especially neck.

Let`s start to draw , and at first we shall make a pencil scetch, schema of a moose`s figure:

Scetch of a moose

One thing we know – that elephant, with long legs and short neck is fitted with its trunk. So moose is forced to pick the leaves from available in its position places (from bushes for example), and to drink only being at least knee-deep in water. The body of the moose is huge, and front part of it with its noticeable hump is stronger than hind part, front legs are longer than hind ones.

Step by step drawing of a moose

Draw the hind legs:

How to draw the hind legs of a moose

Now draw the front legs with the powerful shoulders:

How to draw the legs of a moose

So the moose resembles the bull. And also moose resembles reindeer, but moose is taller and shorter, and its massive humped head is almost always lowered because of its weight.

Moose drawing lesson

This head is something very special, and looks like a head of saiga with its particular shaped nostrils. Moose`s horns are tremendous. Note that ears stand higher than horns of a beast.

How to draw a moose

Whole moose is covered with rough brown hair, legs are lighter colored, almost white. Try to catch a movement of our moose while it trudges through the winter forest looking for something to eat or trying to rid from the flock of wolves.

Step by step Moose drawing lesson 2

If we just copy photographs, we will learn not so much. So I learn how to draw animals as if reflected in a mirror. It develops spatial imagination.

Learn how to draw a Moose

Well, you know that the first step is to draw a sketch and mark the diagram of the structure of the animal. All the rest is much easier. Here’s step-by-step tutorial – click images and draw with me.

Moose(elk) drawing Moose drawing lesson Step-by-step Moose drawing lesson

Draw the head with spreading antlers and this will complete our picture of a Moose:

Moose Drawing


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