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How to draw a boar step by step

Let`s learn how to draw a boar (hog). Boar is a wild prototype of an ordinary pig. It inhabits depths of the forest. Can you recall what serves the food for a pig? Is it only grass and hay like in natural case of cow or horse? Could the cow swallow a little bit of

How to draw a moose

Let`s draw a realistic picture basing on photos. It is a kind of a big deer. But don`t think that it is calm and kind: meeting a hunter or any human moose does not hurry to escape, and even can attack . It is not hard to imagine: bigger, especially taller than horse, with enormous

How to draw a Hare

Let`s learn how to draw a Hare. Hare is a wild animal which looks very similar to rabbit. This is understandable – they are relatives.But we will not be confused – there are differences between hares and rabbits. For example, hares are solitary and make their nests,but do not dig burrows. Hares with the onset

How to draw a red Fox

This article is from the series “Wild animals drawing”. Today we complete the collection of drawings of canids. Let`s learn how to draw a Fox. I already told you which method I use when drawing an animal that is not found in the city. It is not difficult – you need to find a nice

How to draw a Fox baby tutorial

Let`s learn how to draw a fox cub. Fox baby, like any other cub is similar to the adult animal,but has distinctive features. Usually the young ones have a big head (with short nose), relatively plump body and short legs. When the baby grows up, the legs stretched and looks like a lanky teenager. First,let`s

How to draw a lynx face and head tutorial

Let`s learn how to draw a lynx face and head. Lynx is a large spotted cat of our forests. Its face strongly resembles the face of a cat. But there are some differences. The “classic” lynx face is framed by sideburns and so it seems very round. The ears are triangular, large and with tufts

How to draw a Deer tutorial

Let`s learn how to draw a deer. Let`s start with Contents 1 Wapiti drawing lesson 2 Wapiti drawing lesson 2 3 Doe drawing lesson Wapiti drawing lesson Wapiti is the American version of the red deer. First we drew the most general scheme. Just making sure that the proportions are correct, we can continue. I