How to draw a boar step by step

Let`s learn how to draw a boar (hog).

Boar is a wild prototype of an ordinary pig. It inhabits depths of the forest.

Can you recall what serves the food for a pig? Is it only grass and hay like in natural case of cow or horse? Could the cow swallow a little bit of meat on purpose? Nothing of a matter! It`s really impossible, but pig can. Pigs being formally herbivorous actually are omnivorous like bears and rats. And so hogs are. This wild beast manages to devour everything on the way! Grass, roots, fruits, insects, lizards, small and even big creatures disappear in it`s jaws! Even bark, even ground and stones it swallowes with delight and utility! (It uses swallowed stones for grinding the roughest food in the stomach). Boar is very big and strong and extremely belligerent. Sometimes it is more dangerous than a flock of wolves!

Now we proceed to picture a Boar realistically.

Boar drawing – step by step lesson 1

Boar drawing 13

1 .I suggest you all to get used always to start any drawing with the pencil sketch – scheme:

Boar drawing

2 . Outline the contour of the body. The torso is not oval , it is angular:

 Step by step drawing of boar

3 . The hind legs are long and rangy:

How tj draw a hog

4 . The front legs are not bend in the joints and look strait:

Step by step lesson of drawing a hog

5 . The head is very large:

Drawing of a boar

You should pay attention to boar`s elongated, conically tapering snout with this dreadful fangs. Hog would dig the ground with in looking for edible or punish it`s rivals and enemies. Whole beast is covered with rough coarse hair.

How to draw a boar step by step – lesson 2

Here is one an other boar drawing, but it looks like a hog :

Drawing of a hog

The sequence of drawing the same – begin with scheme: How to draw a hog Now draw the line of the body: How to draw a hog step by step Add hind and front legs: Drawing of a hog And crown the torso with huge head: How to draw a hog

How to draw a wild boar female

Wild Boar picture

Do you like this wonderful boar female? I’m in awe of such a powerful image. And right now I will start drawing:

Boar(vepr) sketch

The trunk is very massive:

 Wild Hog drawing

Legs look a bit thin, but it only seems from the side:

Wild boar female step by step drawing

The front legs ,as is often seen in animals look thicker and more muscular than the rear.

Wild boar drawing 3

Huge long head on the puffy folds of neck fat:

Wild boar female drawing

At the moment the face of this wild boar is peaceful and pensive. But,i think she’s a sweetheart until we switched her way.

I hope you liked this Hog – Boar. And meet a Wild Boar picture-graffiti: Wild Boar And drawing of a wild boar done with strokes: Wild boar(hog) I hope you enjoyed these lessons and they were useful to you. Now you probably learned how to draw a wild boar.

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