How to draw a donkey tutorial

Let`s learn how to draw a donkey.

The donkey is a relative of the horse and a little bit like this animal. However, there are significant differences. Let’s learn how to draw a donkey and while drawing, we will discuss its appearance.

I want to start with baby donkey drawing. I found this adorable little donkey in the Internet.

Having a good plan, we can start painting and the first thing we’ll draw the torso.

Baby donkey phased drawing

Donkeys are much more short-legged compared to horses, and the baby legs are even shorter:

Donkey legs drawing

Look how tiny are hooves! And,by the way,donkeys are perissodactyles and on each foot they have only one hoof:

Donkey step by step

Strong powerful neck is topped with a very large head. Donkeys are famous for their legendary, long ears,but honestly ,in these ears there is nothing so very special.

Baby Donkey drawing

It is believed that donkeys are usually gray or brownish.And in color they have a characteristic dark band across the shoulder.

Donkey drawing

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