How to draw a Pug tutorial

Let`s learn how to draw a Pug.

I hope that you’ve seen this wonderful dog – pug. Small, bright, inquisitive with a touching merry and at the same time sad face – mops are absolutely charming. I have a familiar pug, but he is so bright and restless that it is unreal to draw him from nature. We have to draw a copy of the photo.

How to draw a pug standing still

I suggest learning how to draw a pug in a profile.

The sequence of drawing is known to us: first draw a pencil sketch:

Pug pencil sketch

Is it correct? I diligently and meticulously compare and I see that the sketch turned out similar.

Now we will draw the picture itself. Step one – draw the body. Strangely enough, these small dog dogs have a body that is quite athletic, the chest is wide, and the abdomen is tight.

Pug body drawing

Draw the legs. First the hind ones. The tail of the Pug is not cut and it curls like a tight ring.

Pug drawing step by step

The front legs are straight and somewhat thicker than the rear:

Pug drawing lesson.

In profile, the head looks strange because of the very short upturned nose:

Pug outline

Usually, pugs have a light beige color of the trunk, but at the same time a black spot on the muzzle and black ears.

Picture of a pug

Pug drawing lesson 2

Pug drawing lesson

Step 1. Draw the body of the dog:

Pug body drawing

Step 2. Hind legs and small tail.

Pug hind legs drawing

Step 3. Front legs.

Pug legs drawing

Step4. Draw a cute and slightly melancholic pug face.

Pug line drawing

Step 5. Give a few colors to our picture.

Pug colored picture

If you want, then two more step-by-step lessons -” how to draw a pug” you can read HERE.


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