How to draw a Salamander tutorial

Let`s learn how to draw a Salamander.

Salamander is a very interesting animal in appearance resembling the lizard. But they are not relatives. And they have a different way of life. Lizards are spirited and agile, salamanders, in contrast, are slow and clumsy. The most famous is the fire Salamander which has bright black and yellow coloration.


Fire salamander step by step drawing lesson -1

Salamander pencil sketch

The body is somewhat chunky, conical tail is not long:

Salamander drawing 1

The paws are short and strong:

Fire salamander step by stepThe head is massive, rounded, with large black eyes.

Salamander line drawing

Salamander has on its neck bulging venom glands and its coloration warns that this colourful animal is inedible.

Salamander picture

Fire Salamander drawing – 2

As for me, I have to learn how to draw a Salamander staring at the computer screen.

How to draw a Salamander

But I realize that it’s easy to draw a Salamander. We already know the sequence of drawing:

Fire salamander drawing lesson Fire Salamander drawing lesson 2

Here is the line drawing of the fire Salamander:

Fire Salamander drawing -3

Paint the picture as it is customary in the fire salamanders.

Salamander colored drawing

Red salamander step by step drawing

Although we have already addressed the theme “Salamander pattern” I can’t help but want to draw with you another wonderful beautiful Red Salamander.

Red salamander drawing

It’s so smooth,dense and at the same time, all of the folds, shiny and bright red and black spotted, that it is impossible not to love it at first sight.

Start drawing:

Red salamander step by step

Plump body with a long conical tail:

Red salamander phased drawing

Short funny legs:

Red salamander drawing lesson

Round touching face:

Red salamander line picture

And add colors:

Red salamandercolored picture

Drawings of salamanders

Fire salamander:

Fire salamander colored drawing

Red salamander drawing:

Red salamander silhouette

I hope that it was useful and you liked this lesson how to draw a salamander.




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