How to draw a Shark

Let`s learn how to draw a Shark.

Sharks are an ancient group of cartilaginous predatory fishes. Various kinds of sharks look different, but usually they are recognizable thanks to the common features. For example – a very distinctive shark snout.

How to draw a shark head and face

Here’s a sharp nose as the ship is called “rostrum”.

Shark head and face

Little ruthless eyes are very nearsighted. Large nostrils – sharks have an amazingly sensitive nose. Horseshoe-shaped mouth with many sharp triangular teeth.

Shark head drawing 13

The shadows complement dark villainous appearance:

Shark head drawing

Further characteristic features of the sharks we study using the example of the great white shark.

Great white Shark drawing

White shark pencil sketch

Spindle-shaped body resembles a torpedo:

Shark torso drawing

Familiar sharp snout:

White shark step by step drawing

The caudal fin is forked and has a very characteristic shape. Similarly, the triangular dorsal fin signature feature of sharks. In the rear part the torso is equipped with the many fins which resemble the stabilizers of the projectile.

Great White Shark Outline

This shark is called the great white, but in fact it is not snow-white.

Great White Shark drawing

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