How to draw an Aardvark

Aardvark is called the only species of mammals from the same-named order. Now scientists are still unable to pinpoint who among the animals are his closest relatives. Because of external similarity, they thought that it was close to anteaters, but with the appearance of more accurate types of analysis, they came to the assumption of kinship with sirens and proboscis. Aardvark live in most of Central and South Africa. It is a large animal, up to 100 kilograms in weight, which feeds mainly on termites, breaking down their strong buildings with its powerful claws equipped with huge claws. This animal has a very intresting tube-shaped device of teeth. The aardvark very quickly digs the earth, for example, faster than a few people with shovels.

How to draw the aardvark lesson

How to draw the Aardvark

Outwardly, he resembles both a pig and a rat, his ears are like a hare, and a tail like a kangaroo. First, we sketch. We will compose outlines of the future image on a horizontally located sheet. Although the paws of the beast are relatively long, after all, the aardvark is inscribed with a silhouette not in a square, but in a horizontal rectangle. We will calculate the place for a large, elongated head, the line of which (interrupted by long ears) first continues, with time, rounding off into a steep arc, a humpbacked back. The tail terminates this line, approximately in size and shape, balanced with the head.

Aardvark drawing step by step

Similarly, the front legs of the aardvark, strong and long, are approximately equal in length to the same strong and long posterior.

Aardvark drawing lesson

Add the front legs:

Step by step aardvark drawing lesson

Legs may seem too short, but it’s not so: in fact, just the head is too long.

Aardvark line diagram

The aardvark is covered with a long and rare coat of gray-brown color.

Aardvark colored drawing

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