How to draw a cat tutorial

Let`s learn how to draw a cat. Everyone draws cats because they are cute and they are one of the most beloved pets. I also really like cats. So it’s time to learn how to draw them after all.

Cat drawing lesson 1

Yes Yes! Even such a cute animal like a kitty, we begin to draw from the scheme of the structure.

When you draw a pencil sketch, be sure to clearly show how your legs are bent. And they are bent in a very interesting and cunning manner in finger-moving(Digitigrade) animals. Let’s go to step by step drawing. Draw the body. This cat is plump, its tummy is plump and the body really resembles an oval. Cat drawing lesson

The cat is walking slowly, its front paws are bent in a very distinctive manner.

Walking cat drawing lesson Hind legs stride widely, but also lazily. Walking cat drawing step by step The tail is hoisted like a flag: How to draw a walking cat lesson The head seems rather small, but this, as I have already said, is due to the overall fatness of this cat. Cat line drawing Cats have relatives of tigers, and this one even wears striped skin. Cat colored drawing

How to draw a Cat – lesson 2

Our second cat will also be drawn from the side, but it has completely different movements – she is all tense, her walk is elastic and springy.

Cat drawing tutorial

Step 1 – draw the body:

How to draw a Cat

Step 2 – hind legs and tail like a hook:

Cat drawing for kids

The front legs, like the hind, are stretched and walk wide.

How to draw a cat in profile

The neck is extended, the head is raised, the cat attentively looks straight ahead.

Cat outline

Decorate the fur of our kitty with patterns:

Realistic cat colored drawing

Well, I hope you learned how to realistically draw a cat in profile.

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