How to draw a Deer tutorial

Let`s learn how to draw a deer.

Let`s start with


Wapiti drawing lesson

Wapiti is the American version of the red deer.

First we drew the most general scheme. Just making sure that the proportions are correct, we can continue. I advise you to still work on the details with a pencil:

Wapiti - pencil drawing

Now the drawing is absolutely clear and we can make it step by step.

Step 1 – body. The deer, of course, seems to us a marvelous speedy and very slim animal. But in fact it is a herbivore and its main occupation is to grass itself . So the torso in profile looks like a rectangular and with a hanging belly.

Wapiti deer body sketch

The hind legs are really slim and beautiful and we need to be able to honestly portray all the bends.

Wapiti step by step drawing

The front legs of almost all large animals look straighter than the hind ones.

Wapiti deer drawing lesson

The deer stretched its neck and bends its head to the ground.

Wapiti deer drawing tutorial

Now we need to crown the comparatively small head of the wapiti with huge bushy horns. Consider that there are two of them and they are symmetrical. Wapiti deer line drawingColor the resulting linear image: Wapiti deer colored drawing

Wapiti drawing lesson 2

Draw the most generalized draft:

Wapiti general sketch

Now we will clarify the biggest details.

Wapiti deer pencil drawing

We can say that the drawing is ready. It remains only to make the line contrast and clear. We will circle the body. Usually, people assume that the body in animals is oval, but in this case we see that it is rectangular in wapiti. Wapiti deer body outline Draw the hind legs: Wapiti hind legs and body outline Front legs: Wapiti body and legs drawing This deer is walking slowly, its neck is bent and its head is raised: Wapiti step by step drawing tutorial Now we have to draw the horns. They are branchy, there are two of them and we will have to draw them with the imposition. Wapiti head step by step drawing Well, we figured out how to draw the head and horns of wapiti. Wapiti line drawing 2 Let’s color our deer. In general, the wool is reddish-brown. But on the neck of the wapiti, the color is much darker. Wapiti colored picture

Doe drawing lesson

How to draw a Deer

As you can see, these animals are distinguished by beauty, grace and nobility of posture and proportions.

We’ll start with the body, it’s big and looks almost rectangular in profile. However, notice that the croup is higher than the withers, it looks like a hillock.

Deer body drawing

Hind legs are long, slender and have noticeable folds.

Deer drawing lesson

The front legs are shorter and they stand perfectly straight. I always wonder that all these big and heavy animals rely on comparatively small hoofs. However, the hoof are analogous to our nails.

Deer drawing -2

The head of the deer is crowned with long branchy horns.

How to draw deer head

Muzzle is like a goat only more refined.

Deer face drawing

But in addition to the pair of front single horn deer has still a hive of horns.

Deer line drawing

There are many kinds of deer that have slight differences in color. But mostly the skin is spotted and near the tail there is a light wool patch.

Deer colored drawing


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