How to draw a realistic Hedgehog

Let`s learn how to draw a hedgehog. I understand that hedgehogs are animals that people have traditionally drawn in cartoon style. Type – face and body studded with needles. And that’s all.

The truth is that the hedgehogs are animals with the same structure of the body, as of the other. So I want to encourage you to honest attitude to reality. At least now we will learn how to draw a realistic hedgehog.

Well, I have to admit that it is difficult to see the legs of a hedgehog under the body. So I searched so long for the pictures where we can see that hedgehogs have the most common foot. And these pictures were chosen for the drawing lessons.

If you want to know how to draw a hedgehog(or any animal) – here’s my “secret” – find a good picture online and draw it step by step. If you practise often and in large quantities, you will learn how to draw.

How to draw a hedgehog


Hedgehog drawing step by step

A schematic sketch you’ve already seen, now it’s time to draw the torso which is approximately oval.

Hedgehog`s torso drawing

The head is large and conical. Clearly visible eyes and ears. The spout is small and under the nose is the mouth.

Hedgehog drawing step by step

And now we come to the feet, which I advertised so hard. Hedgehogs are plantigrade animals, they step to the entire foot, like humans and, for example, bears. Hedgehog drawing lesson for kids

The front legs of the hedgehog resemble hands:

Hedgehog drawing

Drawing of needles is very difficult because they stand upright. Please note -these life-saving needle does not grow all over the body of a hedgehog, belly, head and legs are covered with a simple short hair.

 Hedgehog drawing

And to work on!

Another picture of a hedgehog with beautiful legs.

Hedgehog drawing – lesson 2

How to draw a Hedgehog

Draw the torso:

Hedgehog step-by-step drawing lesson


Draw the legs: Hedgehog line drawing

Color the picture of our hedgehog:

Hedgehog picture

How to draw a hedgehog head

How to draw a hedgehog head

Let’s first draw a nose:

How to draw a hedgehog nose

Add eyes:

hedgehog head drawing

Now outline the shape of the face and arrange ears correctly.

 Hedgehog head drawing

It turned out a very pretty face. But how to prove that it belongs to a hedgehog? For this we draw the needles:

How to draw hedgehog head and face

Now you know well how to draw a realistic Hedgehog.

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