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Learn how to draw a Gray Wolf

Let`s learn how to draw a Wolf. Everyone of us knows this animal – some fear it for the reason of its cruelty, some admire its dignity and menacing grace. Probably nothing but a wolf was an ancestor of our contemporary domesticated dog. But most of today`s attempts to tame the wolf fail, and creature

How to draw a realistic Hedgehog

Let`s learn how to draw a hedgehog. I understand that hedgehogs are animals that people have traditionally drawn in cartoon style. Type – face and body studded with needles. And that’s all. The truth is that the hedgehogs are animals with the same structure of the body, as of the other. So I want to

How to draw a Squirrel step by step

Let`s learn how to draw a Squirrel. I hope all of you have seen squirrels in the wild. If meeting face to face with a wolf maybe not please, but to see a squirrel is always uplifting, unless you forgot to bring a handful of nuts to feed the cute little animal. Well, we’ve got

Learn how to draw a brown Bear

Let`s learn how to draw a brown bear. Have you ever met live bear in the woods? I have seen bears only at the zoo and decided that I don’t wanna know such a beast personally. They are huge and terribly strong. And they’re weird – not like other animals. They are not cats and

How to draw a Mink tutorial

Let`s learn how to draw a Mink. First of all I warn you: animals related to martens are very similar to each other. Long, flexible body and neck, short caps and moderate tail length. They are all very mobile and brisk. Mink is a very typical representative of this family. Whenever you begin to draw,