How to draw a Squirrel step by step

Let`s learn how to draw a Squirrel.

I hope all of you have seen squirrels in the wild. If meeting face to face with a wolf maybe not please, but to see a squirrel is always uplifting, unless you forgot to bring a handful of nuts to feed the cute little animal.
Well, we’ve got the nuts and the Squirrel eats them. And in this time we shall learn how to draw a squirrel sitting with nut in paws.


Seated squirrel baby step by step drawing

Here is the picture we will draw.

Baby squirrel drawing 7

What step should we start with? SKETCH! Of course, the squirrels tail is luxurious, however on the sketch we are not interested in fluffy, but the inner structure of nature. I have traced clearly all bends on all paws.

Squirrel sketch

We are now ready to begin drawing – start with the torso and hind legs. Squirrel is sitting like squatting. Take a look at long and strong clawed toes on its feet.
Squirrel step by step

Front paws resemble human hands.The head is round with a bluntly conical snout and large eyes.Ears with extra long hairlike tassels.

Squirrel phased drawing

And wonderful fluffy S-shaped tail:

Sitting Squirrel drawing

Now we will extend the material studied in the lesson. Meet one more sitting Squirrel drawing tutorial.

Squirrel drawing – lesson 3

Seated Squirrel drawing

Click images to enlarge:

Sitting squirrel sketch Squirrel torso drawing Squirrel drawing step by step
To complete the picture draw a pretty head:

Squirrel drawing for kids

We learned how to draw a squirrel sitting. But they are also excellent at climbing trees and running around on the ground.

Creeping squirrel drawing

Squirrel drawing

Draw a sketch. This circuit is sufficient to ensure the image is recognizable.

Squirrel pencil sketch

Now draw in accordance with the already known sequence.

Squirrel outline Squirrel drawing step by step Squirrel for kids

Creeping squirrel drawing

This squirrel ears are the envy of all. And also the tail, of course.

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