How to draw a narwhal tutorial

Let`s learn how to draw a narwhal. The narwhal is a relative of the toothed whales and dolphins. I must say that it looks more like a Dolphin, its length is not more than 6 meters.

However, narwhals are toothed in the highest severity. However, we will come later to these amazing teeth. Now will draw a narwhal, step by step.

et’s start with a pencil sketch.

Narwhal pencil sketch

The trunk is fusiform, like other aquatic animals (like fish). Our drawing depicts a narwhal from the side of the belly. And we can see the horseshoe-shaped mouth slit.

Narwhal drawing step by step

On each side there are two fins. The torso itself is very thick-which is understandable, because living in the cold waters, narwhals accumulate a very thick layer of subcutaneous fat. But the figure of the whale gracefully tapers to tail. Like other cetaceans, the tail vanes are positioned in the horizontal plane.

Narwhal drawing lesson

And then we got to the amazing and mysterious horns of these marine unicorns. Although, as I have already hinted, it is not the horn. This is a long spirally twisted TOOTH! 2-3 meters in length and 10 kilograms weight. And no one knows why the narwhal needs this Tusk. Scientists learned that narwhals do not fight with enemies and do not fight with the opponents with these tusks. It seems that narwhals just have these long teeth on the nose and that’s all.

Narwhal outline

Now paint this narwhal outline drawing to give “atmosphere” of the ocean.

Narwhal picture

Well, we learned how to draw narwhal.

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