How to draw a Hammerhead Shark tutorial

Let`s learn how to draw a Hammerhead Shark.

We have already studied how to draw a shark. Hammerhead looks pretty typical – it has a classic shark’s torso. A distinctive feature is the head which is similar to the hammer. However,in my opinion, this head is more like a double-edged axe.

Hammerhead Shark drawing – lesson 1

To start, draw a sketch:

Hammerhead sketch

The trunk is like a torpedo:

Hammerhead fish drawing

Draw unpaired fins – the tail and dorsal fin:

Hammerhead drawing step by step

The pectoral fins are large and have a triangular shape:

Shark drawing lesson

And now it is time to draw a hammer-shaped head of this shark:

Hammerhead shark outline

Horseshoe-shaped mouth is located on the underside of the body. Eyes are set wide apart on the ends of the outgrowths on both sides of the head.

Hammershark colored drawing

We drew this hammerhead floating straight ahead. But in order for a picture to be interesting, we need to learn how to draw fishes in different poses, for example,curved to rotate.

Hammerhead shark drawing – lesson 2

Hammerhead picture

I drew this hammerhead shark looking at the picture in the computer and periodically attached a picture to the screen for comparison. And I advise you to do the same. If you need not plot the picture, and you just want to learn how to draw animals, then this is a great effective way.

Hammerhead pencil outline

hammerhead step-by-step

Hammerhead fish step by step drawing

Note the cracks on the neck the shark – you already guessed that this are the gills:

Hammerhead shark drawing step by step.

Hammerhead head drawing

So here is a shark with a hammer on the head.

Hammerhead colored picture


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