How to draw a Wombat tutorial

Let`s learn how to draw a Wombat.

Wombat is the original rodent, endemic to Australia. It is very similar to the usual bear or Koala.

A few words about the biology of wombats. Although pretty,they are very large animals(even more than a meter in length) and they will not allow to offend them. Wombats are nocturnal animals, during the day they rest in their large and long holes. These burrows wombats dig with their powerful clawed paws – they are professionals in the digging. If someone tries to intrude into the dwelling, wombat can crush the attacker against the wall of the burrow with its powerful croup. I was surprised and delighted when I read about this method of self-defense. Keep it up,Wombat!

I hope you enjoyed this animal, let’s draw it.


Wombat drawing – lesson 1

Draw a pencil sketch. Now I noticed that a wombat is also similar to a capybara.

Wombat sketch

Move on to drawing paws:

Wombat legs drawing

Wombats, like bears, are plantigrade.

Wombat paws drawing

The wombat has a very pretty face with small ears and eyes.

Wombat drawing

So wombat would look like if you draw the shadows:

Wombat picture

Well, are we going to draw the face of a wombat? Here I found a cool image:


Hmm… Perhaps he’s too handsome for us. Let’s better draw another wombat as a whole.

Wombat drawing – lesson 2

Of course,I found a picture on the Internet.

Wombat drawing 13

We will learn how to draw an animal in stages on the example of the Wombat.

Wombat outline

This animal has his back very bent even rounded.

Wombat step by step

Looks like he’s in a hurry.

Running Wombat drawing

Wombat walks with long strides.

Wombat staged drawing

Head is bowed low. Apparently wombats do not tend to perk up.

Wombat drawing 13

Draw the shadows and the drawn wombat will be just as real.

Wombat drawing 49

Wombat drawing – lesson 3

On the Internet I found a touching photo of a young wombat, and could not pass up.


Young wombat drawing

This picture is good because it clearly shows the structure of the animal – the fur is not long yet and the wombat does not look like a haystack with the face of a hamster.

2. Refine the sketch:

Wombat drawing lesson

3. And now we will add this very wool, so that the wombat looks older.

Wombat picture

4. And we will try to show the structure of the wool with the help of shading.

Young wombat drawing


Well, now you certainly have learned how to draw a wombat.

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