How to draw a Panther head and face

Wild cats drawings

Let`s learn how to draw panther head. And we should say something about panther itself. Have you ever seen this beast? Actually panther is nothing but leopard and dwells in same places. There are another species of panther, such as panther-jaguar, but common wide-famous panther is black leopard. They all belong to large wild cats.

Drawing a Panther head we will rely on the photo:

Can you find a common difference between the heads of wild and tamed cats? The difference is obvious, but it is not easy to catch it exactly. No, I dare to say this is not expression of the face. There is no anger or evil on the faces of the wild animals at all. Of course panther can look menacing when roaring or tearing the bleeding victim – with wide open jaws, narrowed eyes, soiled with gore. And our panther is not now aggressive, while staring curiously at us, onlookers. It`s face is, actually triangular. Do not try to draw it outright, first you should feature construction lines.

Panther face drawing

Count out the real place of every part of the muzzle – for wide-set forward-looking eyes, for enough big ears, and nose.

Panther head and face drawing

Mouth is slightly opened, we can see its red insides and snow white teeth, low jaw looks little weak because of absence of a chin.

Step by step panther face drawing

And give completeness to our picture of a panther`s face after working the small details: Panther head drawing But, to be honest, we could have done much easier, see: one-two-and you’re done. Panther`s head drawingPanther portrait Now you know how to draw panter head and face step by step… or at once.

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