How to draw a Sea Anemone (Actinia)

Let`s learn how to draw a Sea Anemone.

Actiniae, or sea anemones (lat. Actinia) belong to a detachment of stinging marine animals from the class of coral polyps (Anthozoa).

They look like flowers. If you look impartially, sea anemones resemble asters, but not anemones. Anyway, let’s learn how to draw Actinia.

Sea Anemone drawing step by step

Sea anemones have no mineral skeleton. As a rule they are solitary animals. Most anemones are sessile organisms living on a hard sea bottom.

Sea Anemone pencil sketch

Sea anemone`s cylindrical body varies in diameter from a few mm to 1.5 meters.

Sea Anemone drawing step by step

On the upper end of the body there is slit-like mouth surrounded by tentacles.

Sea Anemone step-by-step

Actinia step by step drawing

Overall actinia looks like a bundle of snakes on a stump:

Sea Anemone drawing

Sea Anemones are often very brightly colored:

Sea Anemone colored drawing

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