How to draw a phyton tutorial

Let`s learn how to draw a phyton.

Do you know who are the pythons?The Pythons are non-venomous snakes that kill their prey in the same way that a boa constrictor that is strangulation. Some pythons can grow to very large sizes. It is here that we face the biggest challenge when drawing snakes -they’re long!It is simply impossible to portray them extended at length. Therefore, in order to represent a large snake spectacular,we have to draw it curled up in the ring. And you don’t think snake curl in neat rings.Not at all-they squirm and almost tied in knots. And so, while we draw a snake(Python)we have to untangle it as a puzzle.

For our first lesson we will choose not very difficult Python. Let’s start with the scheme.

After we understand all its windings,we can draw the body of a Python.

Phyton step by step drawing

Well,it would seem like in that photo. But here’s the thing-the serpent is not flat, but volumetric! Show where his back-there we will make a shading.

Phyton drawing lesson

Only now the structure of this Python became clear to us.

Phyton outline

Further we can decorate it with patterns.

Phyton colored drawing

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