How to draw an Armadillo tutorial

Let`s learn how to draw an Armadillo.There are several species of armadillos. Some of them are huge, others small – but all these exotic creatures live far away, somewhere I’ve never been.

I’ve never sailed the Amazon,
I’ve never reached Brazil.

And while I haven’t seen them, I’m not going to tell you a lot about the biology of these animals. I just really like fairy tales about armadillos. For example, the tale “The Beginning of the Armadilloes” tells us about the three-banded Armadillo – he is able to curl into a ball. Let`s learn how to draw this legendary Armadillo.


Three-banded Armadillo drawing

How to draw an Armadillo

The torso has the shape of a bean. This is a strong shell that protects the animal.:

Armadillo torso drawing

The neck is not visible, triangular head bent down:

Armadillo step by step

For mobility Armadillo has three bandages consisting of a movable articulated plates at its waist.

 Three-banded Armadillo

Paws are armed with strong claws and Armadillo always walks on tiptoe, leaning the tips of these claws.

Armadillo drawing step by step

And since the Armadillo is descended not only from the Tortoise, but also from Hedgehog, he is covered with bristles. Here is the three-banded Armadillo drawing – I beg you to love and favor him.

Armadillo drawing


The second Armadillo is nine-banded ,it resembles ,to be honest, a woodlouse.

How to draw a nine-banded Armadillo

Armadillo drawing

Here is a step by step lesson. Click images to enlarge.

Armadillo pencil outline Armadillo torso drawing
Nine-banded Armadillo drawing step by step Nine-banded Armadillo step by step drawing

Enloy the detailed Nine-banded Armadillo Drawing:

Armadillo drawing

I read a sad tale about that Armadillo. He really loved music and wanted it to sound always. And then the man suggested that Armadillo, that he gave his armour to make the guitar. And he sacrificed his life for the sake of art.

But as for me -I love animals alive and I don`t want such art.

Some Armadillo drawings

Armadillo picture

Armadillo silhouette:

Armadillo silhouette

Armadillo drawing:

Armadillo figure

I hope this was useful, and you liked this lesson, how to draw Armadillo.

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