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How to Draw a Saiga Antelope

How to draw a Saiga Antelope A saiga is a small antelope with an extremely distinctive face (I hate to say ‘muzzle’). Not an elephant, of course, not even a tapir, but the nose is prominent. So, let’s draw. Let’s start classically, not with interesting details, but with a schematic drawing of the animal’s entire

How to draw a Dingo Dog tutorial

This is a lesson from the series “How to Draw Australian Animals” They say there are practically no predators in Australia. And then they easily supplement: except for crocodiles, sharks, some marsupials and DINGO. Dingoes are not really local animals, they were introduced a long time ago and took root very well. Of course, I

Learn how to draw a Koala

Let`s learn how to draw a Koala. Koala is a marsupial animal from Australia. It lives in the crowns of eucalyptus trees, feeding on bitter leaves , and rarely descends to earth as a bird or a monkey. The appearance of Koala is widely known, because this creature resembles a small and cute bear, Teddy

How to draw a hyena – step by step tutorials

Let`s learn how to draw a hyena. There are three types of hyena – spotted, striped and brown. They resemble one another by image and their ways of life, but somehow differ. Hyenas got a bad reputation because of its nightlife, the stench and vile voice. Actually hyenas are considered scavengers. But, according to the

Learn how to draw a camel and baby camel

Let`s learn how to draw a camel and baby camel. Immediately noticeable that they are very similar. An adult camel is larger and more massive, but in fact both are long-legged and long-necked. Let’s start with finding out how to draw two-humped camel. Camel drawing step by step Camels seem paradoxical – absurd, clumsy, yet

How to draw a Hippo

Let`s learn how to draw a Hippo (but if not reduce, then we call him a hippopotamus). This animal is poorly studied, but clearly very dangerous. According to Wikipedia, in Africa it represents a much greater danger than Buffalo and even lion. The behavior of Hippo, written there in black and white, shows a strong

How to draw a Platypus tutorial

Let`s learn how to draw a Platipus. The platypus ( Ornithorhynchus anatinus) is a waterfowl mammal monotremes living in Australia. This animal lays eggs,but feeds cubs with milk. He looked like a mole or a beaver, and it has a wide large beak on his face. However, let us describe the appearance of the platypus