How to draw a Platypus tutorial

Let`s learn how to draw a Platipus.

The platypus ( Ornithorhynchus anatinus) is a waterfowl mammal monotremes living in Australia. This animal lays eggs,but feeds cubs with milk. He looked like a mole or a beaver, and it has a wide large beak on his face. However, let us describe the appearance of the platypus in the course of drawing.

Platipus drawing – lesson 1

Of course, we will draw from a photo.

Platipus pencil outline

Pencil sketch is a good guide for further drawing.

Draw the trunk – it is oblong-oval.

Platipus torso drawing 13

The tail of the Platypus are similar to the beaver but covered with hair.

Platupus drawing step by step

The legs are short and their shape is hidden under the fur. We can see the brush paws they have five clawed fingers between which swimming membranes are stretched.

Platypus paws

And here is the full picture of a platypus:

Platypus drawing

And of course you ask – and how to draw the head of a platypus?

Here’s how:Platypus head drawing

The head is round. Eyes and ears are located in the grooves,which close when the platypus dives. The bill is only superficially similar to a duck. In fact, it is the skin stretched over a frame made of two curved bones.

Platypus head drawing

The front face of a platypus looks like this:

Platypus face drawing step by step Platypus face -front view

While we were drawing the head, we almost forgot to do the shadow on our picture of the plat


Platypus picturePlatypus drawing – lesson 2

Platypus drawing for kids

I have already told you how to draw a platypus, so I will not write lengthy comments to the second lesson. Watch and draw step-by-step.


Platypus detailed drawing

Platypus phased drawing

Platypus step by step

Platypus picture

Platypus drawing 17

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