Learn how to draw a Gray Wolf

Let`s learn how to draw a Wolf. Everyone of us knows this animal – some fear it for the reason of its cruelty, some admire its dignity and menacing grace.

Probably nothing but a wolf was an ancestor of our contemporary domesticated dog. But most of today`s attempts to tame the wolf fail, and creature remains as wild as it can be.

In the first lesson you will learn how to draw a wolf standing quietly.


Wolf drawing tutorial 1

Look at our picture.

Gray Wolf colored drawing

What can you say about the position of this wolf? The animal, as it seems, stares straight at us, but somehow lowering its gaze. We have its head in front position and its torso is slightly turned to the viewer.

Now we begin our step by step lesson -how to draw a wolf.

First of all-you have to draw a sketch:

Pencil outline of a wolf

Having a clear sketch then you just will work out the details.

The body of the wolf is strong with wide chest:

Wolf torso picture

The wolf has long sinewy legs. The rear legs are visibly longer them front ones, accordingly, the croup looks higher than withers. Rear legs are significantly bended and set wide apart one from another, while straightened front legs stand one next to another.

Wolf drawing 3

There is something like fluffy shoulders or collar around the upper part of the wolf’s chest. The wolf is really slim, but didn’t look this way because of the long winter fur. Its lowered bushy tail does not reach the earth.

Step by step wolf drawing

Its head is large, thanks to the fluffy whiskers around it, which smoothly pass into fur of the neck and shoulders. Its muzzle is elongated and narrowing to black nose.

Wolf drawing

To be true, there is nothing dangerous in gaze of its big calm and attentive eyes, even though it is winter and animal is hungry. Its ears are erected for creature is listening carefully our discussion about it, waiting what will we do then.

Now we are ready to more complex drawings.We will learn how to draw a wolf in motion.

Walking Wolf drawing step by step

We will draw on the photos -no need to invent the view of the beast which we have not seen in real life. The wolf is on the prowl. Head down to the ground, he probably sniffs.

How to draw a Wolf

This lesson will be in the form of a gallery -click the images one by one to enlarge and study them/

Wolf torso drawing Wolf hind legs drawing Wolf step by step

To complete the picture draw the head of the Wolf:

Grey Wolf Drawing

And color him grey:

Wolf drawing

Standing Wolf drawing

  1. This wolf is a three-quarters towards the viewer.
  2. Grey wolf drawing lesson
  3. how-to-draw-a- grey-wolf 003
  4. Grey wolf hind legs drawing
  5. Grey Wolf step by step


Here is the resulting outline of this grey wolf:

Grey Wolf drawing

And now we will make it really gray wolf:

Grey wolf colored picture

Next time we will learn how to draw a wolf head and face.

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