How to draw a Scorpion – step by step lessons

Let’s learn how to draw a Scorpio. Often people confuse Scorpions with insects; but, in fact, Scorpion belongs to the arachnid (and to arthropods in general). Therefore, it is quite clear that the Scorpion is a close relative of spiders. There are nearly 2000 species of Scorpions of different sizes, colors and even shapes. But in General they have the same type of structure. Scorpion is an obligate predator, it grasps the prey with its claws and kills them by sting. It dwells in the southern regions of the world. Before describing its construction we should say that only several species of scorpions are dangerous to humans; and even these ones will never do you harm unless you disturb them. And we start our first tutoriar -how to draw a Scorpio. I will draw the Scorpio? that you see on the left photo -I flipped it to make it more interesting to draw.


Step by step scorpion drawing 1

Whole scorpion is covered with hard chitin shell, each part of which is connected with neighbor parts with thin and soft membrane. The body of the scorpion consists of three parts: cefalothorax(so to say- head-chest) pre-abdomen and post-abdomen.

Scorpio etude

Scorpion pencil outline


Scorpion has got 6 pairs of limbs, all of them are attached to the cefalothroax (though from the top view they could seem to protrude from under the pre-abdomen) – first pair is so to say – jaws, the second – enlarged ones – are its claws, and than four pairs of ordinary legs. Each zigzag-curved leg consists of seven (visibly – five) segments. These legs are long and strong, scorpions are good runners.

Scorpion drawing lesson

Zig-zag bent legs

Scorpion drawing step by step

Start drawing the limbs with claws

Scorpio claws drawing

And now – draw the claws themselves

First part, wide and comparable short head-chest, includes all its sense organs. Pre-abdomen is as wide as the cefalothorax is, and even wider, it is segmented but looks more solid than tail-like post-abdomen, which consists of six visually parted segments. The last of these segments, pear-like one, is supplied with that notorious curved sting. Scorpion drawing

Color the Scorpion somehow so sinister:

Scorpion picture

Scorpio drawing -2

The second lesson will be about drawing of a Scorpion with a much smaller claws. So I think it hunts smaller game.

Scorpion picture

Click images to enlarge:

Scorpion pencil sketch Scorpion torso
Scorpion step by step Scorpio drawong - Claws

Now – enjoy this scorpion, it is fine -isn`t it? By the way, I want to draw your attention to the eyes of the Scorpion, in this picture they are seen wellkept together and are at the “top“.

Scorpio picture

Some Scorpion drawings for you

Scorpion line drawing

And a scorpion silhouette:

Scorpion silhouette

I hope you have learned well how to draw a scorpion.

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